Bipolar Extra Strength 30ml

Bipolar Extra Strength 30ml

Original Liquid Debugger 30ml

The cleaning solution is packaged in a smaller 10ml container and is available on demand.
Shipped to anywhere around the world.
Terms and Conditions apply.
To be used on printed circuit boards only.

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Original Liquid Debugger 30ml is available to buy in increments of 1

The product comes in a bigger container for less economical users who are either buying for industrial use or large volume cleanings.
Like the smaller version, Original liquid debugger is still a light solvent product made by with a view to cleaning PCBs that are extremely dirty or stained with more complex solutions.
Although some electrical repairers sometimes advise the use of vacuum cleaners to blow off dust and dirt from the circuit board, it is important to understand that a standard working pressure from the vacuum may not reach some hidden area of the PCB.
The larger packaged 30ml original liquid debugger is your best bet when trying to clean dirt or flux from newly-assembled electronics as it does not only clean dirt that vacuum or water does not suffice but also displace water from all parts of the board and result in faster drying.

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