About Us

CircuitrySolution.com is a one-stop solution for dirt and particle cleaning from Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

It is natural that the printed circuit boards of PDAs (personal digital assistant) like phones and other cellular devices get abused from time to time. The printed circuit boards of most handheld devices get penetrated by dust and dirt all the time. They also suffer from stains caused by oil and grease penetration, ashes solution and waxes during daily use. It is against this background that the company was created to manufacture solutions to help in the cleaning and repair service of most printed Circuit boards that have been subjected to contaminants and other external abuse components.

CircuitrySolution.com is an isobutyl Nitrite cleaning solvent that works well for the cleaning of almost every circuitry for the semiconductor industry.

Successfully cleaning up your printed circuit board with a solution that finds faulty soldering or problematic components such as resistors, transistors, heat sink or flaws within the board is the core value that CircuitrySolution.com brings to its customer base.

The company understands that cleaning a printed circuit board (PCB) can involve a process that is almost as fragile and delicate as the process of making the board and that is why the company has adopted a vision of making a range of safe to use cleaning solutions that will work on different printed circuit boards, depending on the cleaning and repair services intended to be run on the board.

The circuit board cleaners offered by our company include: Original liquid debugger, original max load, No-2, explosion juice, jolt, ignite, circuit breaker, Amp, Ac/Dc extra strength and bipolar extra strength. All products come in container size of 10ml and 30ml

Features Of Our PCB Cleaners

Our cleaning solutions have lots of interesting features that stand us out in the industry.

  • Efficient cleaning solvent: At CircuitrySolution.com, we pay extra attention to efficiency and that is why almost all our products are prepared with solvents that can efficiently remove all kinds of dirt from your PCB, depending on how well you use them.
  • Ability to remove stains, grease, dirt, dust and every other contaminant: our products pay special attention to the proper removal of stains, dirt and other contaminants that are hidden in parts of your PCB where water cannot reach. In essence, our products do not give room for the escape of any contaminant.
  • Ideal for the removal of flux residuals: most technical companies will recommend cleaning solutions that do not only remove dirt but pay special attention to removal of soldiering flux. This is a major area of advantage for CircuitrySolution.com as most products are hard on flux.
  • Leaves no residues: The company understands that the whole purpose of a cleaning solution is defeated if it leaves tiny residues and that's why we pay special attention to producing solutions that will get to every part of the PCB.v
  • Causes no corrosion to the metal tracks and electronic components: we do not offer products that repair one problem and cause another. We pay special attention to producing cleaning solutions that do not cause any damage to the metal tracks of your PCB.